Welcome to the Alexandra Rose Tozzi Memorial Foundation website! We hope the site will provide some information about our origins, our goals and what we have achieved thus far.

After Alexandra’s untimely death in an automobile accident, a decision was made to donate her organs so that others might live. In her honor the Alexandra Rose Tozzi Memorial Foundation was created. The foundation contributes to a variety of charitable organizations throughout the area, and also donates to community improvement projects in impoverished countries around the world. Its main focus is to support organ donation awareness efforts and to allow children in need access to educational opportunities.   

Zan’s Garden of Life, located at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center, was created to honor Zan and other organ donors and their families. Funded in part by the foundation, its purpose is to inspire those who visit to reflect upon the gift of organ donation.

Every year, four girls at the Mercy Center Sisters Academy in Asbury Park, NJ receive direct financial assistance from the foundation, which sponsors the girls in an effort to break the cycle of poverty that affects their lives.

Some of the other charitable efforts supported by the foundation include construction, education and health care projects in the Dominican Republic; the Center for Discovery, a non-profit agency that provides people with significant disabilities a self-sustaining community in which to live and work; and emergency donations to relieve victims of catastrophes such as the tsunami in Thailand and Hurricane Katrina. More information about the most recent recipients of our financial support can be found on our News & Updates page.

Since its inception in 2004, the foundation has raised over 2.5 million dollars and has distributed approximately $700,000 in contributions.  Our largest fundraising event has been the Alexandra Rose Tozzi Memorial Golf Classic, held every year in early October. In October 2013 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Golf Classic and decided it would be our last annual golf outing, though we plan to have other major fundraisers in the future.  Please check our website for further details about these events